Mt Hay

Mark has begun making studies for a new series of works about Mt Hay. Mark says: "I believe that the process of painting reveals histories, layers, spirits, the unseen. Mark Tredinnick sums my instincts up in The Blue Plateau: A Landscape Memoir when he says, "What is essential is invisible to the eyes." Through my paintings about Mt Hay, I want to set up a narrative that questions how stories are told in order to enrich past present future heritages. The Blue Mountains were considered a barrier by early settlers, and a scar created by a battle fought between half fish and half reptile Dreamtime creatures by the Gundungurra people. I think the Blue Mountains are a set of lungs for the city to the east and the agriculture to the west. From where I live right now, Mt Hay is the beacon of a life source." mt hay, blue mountains