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Artist CV

Mark Gerada is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who lives and works in Sydney. With an oeuvre which comprises a multiplicity of creative disciplines, Mark’s practice is flexible, enabling him to straddle the lines between commercial and non-commercial work, and between figurative and experimental art-making.

Mark’s current work in architecture, landscape and environment thrives from his ability to develop ideas and create images simultaneously. The depth of his design thinking and range of image making techniques, combining hand-generated and technology, enriches the process of creating and rapidly brings the future to life in a powerful way. The resultant visions are evocative, full of life, humanity and spirit.

A common thread that runs throughout Mark’s work is a respect for the land and the need for sustainability. He has a desire to spread green - he believes that if we spread nature, we spread ecosystems, and in doing so improve our own wellbeing. If habitats are healthier, then we are healthier.

Mark harnesses the power of communication and the need for change. He envisages future worlds where communities are brought together through the nurturing of nature and a more thoughtful management of resources, where environment and ecology are central to life and economies.

As an artist, Mark was commissioned by the City of Sydney to create City Wilderness Trail and Brisbane City Council to create the Beasts Of Alderley Suburban Wilderness Trail - both projects communicating the importance of relationships in nature. He completed a specialised ecology project titled Koala Land, which sets out ways to conserve koala populations, and out of this body of work produced and illustrated an educational children’s book titled Our Home. He is currently designing a development in South East Queensland where humans and koalas will live side by side, where the needs of native flora and fauna come first.

Mark’s experiences are rich - he previously worked in publishing and advertising, has 22 years of experience in university teaching (Architecture, Design and Visual Communication), worked as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers around the world, had a successful ceramics business, and still produces commissioned paintings for private houses, offices and hotels. As an artist, he has exhibited work in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels, China and Malta. 

Architectural, planning, painting and illustration commissions are welcome.