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Artist CV

Mark Gerada is an Australian artist, architect, illustrator and teacher with a background in ceramics and design. He worked as an architectural designer and as a designer on a leading magazine, Interior Architecture, before graduating in Architecture with first class honours at the University of Technology, Sydney in 1993. Supporting his painting practice, Mark ran a successful ceramics business for many years, worked as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers, and produced commissioned paintings for private houses, offices and hotels. He has taught in architecture, illustration and visual communications at the University of Technology Sydney.

Mark has exhibited work in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels and China, and in June 2007 had his Generation solo show in Malta. In 2008, Mark had his solo show Mounds and Caves at Gaffa, curated 888 to coincide with the opening of the Beijing Olympics, and in June 2009 curated 649 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests.

In 2010, Mark exhibited his Post Exhibition Blues body of work at the new Gaffa, where he also coordinated the reconstruction of four levels of heritage building, including the design and construction of the new joinery and signage design. In 2012, Mark collaborated with Tega Brain and Diego Bonetto to create City Wilderness Trail, commissioned by the City of Sydney as a part of Arts and About, Laneways Arts Programme and Arts Month. From 2011 to 2015 Mark produced Koala Landa specialised ecology campaign and urban planning project for the South East Queensland’s Koala Coast - the blog, report and publication that investigates how humans and koalas can live together in an attempt to stop one of our national icons from becoming extinct.

In 2015 Mark was commissioned by Brisbane City Council to create the Beasts of Alderley Suburban Wilderness Trail and exhibited his Chop You Down body of work at Mils Gallery, both projects communicating the importance of relationships in nature. Mark is currently writing and illustrating a book for the Koala Land project and is designing a new house in Zetland near the Green Square Town Centre project.

Painting, illustration and architectural design commissions are welcome.