888 - Press Release

An exhibition coinciding with the Beijing Olympics.

China Heights Gallery, Darlinghurst. Opening 08.08.08 and showing until 13.08.08

This August, China hosts the world’s largest event, yet behind the spectacle and glamour exist countless other stories.

Launching at China Heights gallery a few hours before the Beijing Olympic Opening ceremony, 888 explores the complex and often controversial nature of contemporary Chinese society. At a time when the world’s gaze will be fixed on China, the artists of the 888 exhibition offer Sydney audiences a spectacle of a different nature by providing a striking juxtaposition to the commercial publicity and hype surrounding the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Bringing together the work of 17 artists from around the world, 888 offers a glimpse into the many untold stories of China. Predicated on a desire to stimulate balanced and provocative conversation throughout and beyond the Olympics, 888 will consist of an array of works, from painting and drawing, to installation and video documentary. Works will examine the struggles of living in a budding global superpower, to meditations on China’s human rights record and allegations of political corruption, the artists of the 888 exhibition will provide a timely and necessary alternative commentary in their exploration of contemporary Chinese identity, politics and culture.

“China is colossal, so diverse and provocative in its social, cultural, economic and political make-up. We aim to look through its glossy Olympic veneer to explore its multiplicity and stimulate discussion among our viewers” says Mark Gerada, artist and curator of 888. With currency central to the ethos of 888 “artists will look to China and respond to the surge of news images and events as they emerge right up until the opening ceremony commences in Beijing.” 

The exhibiting artists are: Melody Willis and Jessie Brett (both working from China), Zanny Begg, Keg de Souza and Aris Prabawa (working from Indonesia), Spat and Loogie (working from Finland), Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, Deborah Kelly and Wei Lai, Locust Jones, Diego Bonetto, Mickie Quick, Sumugan Sivanesan, Sarah Ball, Jacqueline Gothe, Andrew Barnum, Lissa Barnum, Brian P and Mark Gerada (curator).